Hardcore Survival Server

More About This Server...

Hardcore Survival is an all or nothing server. There are almost no rules and the only person you can rely on is yourself!
HCSurvival Offers Towny protection, but is very expensive. The first plot is given to you for free, so you can start your adventure safely.
PvP is enabled globally, you are only safe from players and mobs within town borders, including the small server regions. HCSurvival is designed around having as few plugins as possible to keep it as difficult but natural as possible to keep with Minecrafts original concept (While playing with friends)

Getting Started

To begin, you will be randomly placed within the world. The first place you land is where your home is set. You may only go home by dying. You can only set your home by using a bed. All teleportation commands are disabled.
There are small towns scattered around the world, it is recommended you note down their locations when you find them as they are used to quickly move around the world. Each will teleport to another, meaning if you leave one, you need to finish the cycle to return to it. There is currently a total of 5 towns.

Towns are classified as safe zones and are PvP and PvE free. You can however still lose hunger within them, so be careful.

Vendors can be found within *some* of the towns and also may be out in the wild in their own homes/scary locations. The current pricing can be found within the Update/Changelog on the AGN Blog.

If you want protection, you must use towny. We will NOT be using any sort of chest or door protection plugin, security will be at your finger tips using towny. Be warned that it comes at a cost;

• In order to earn money you need to sell items at a vendor. You must locate a server town in order to do this.
• It is recommended that you do this BEFORE you start a town as if you can't sell items, you cant earn money. And without money you can't sustain a towny protection.
  • Towns cost $10,000 to establish.
  • Additional Plots cost $10,000 each.
  • Outposts cost $12,500 to create.
  • Plot size is 32 x 32 blocks, from top of the world to bottom.
  • ALL Plots (Including Original and Outposts) cost $1000/day Upkeep.
  • Town size is restricted to (Town Members) x 4 (ie 2 Members = 8 / 3 Members = 12)
  • Unclaiming a town will NOT revert it back, and WILL unprotect all doors and chests that are within it.
  • Players begin with $10,000 cash in hand.
• Be careful who you trust to join your town, they will have access to everything you own (unless you configure towny permissions).
• Be careful who you give money to (ie paying town taxes or donating to help expand a town) as Mayors can kick anybody at any time.

Plugins to be aware of

  • Towny: Used to protect your home from invaders (Includes Mobs and Players) - You can customize the settings of your town to allow PvP and PvE.
  • WorldGuard: Protection for the Server Towns and hidden grotto's
  • Unnamed Custom Plugin: When you first join the server, you will be teleported to a random location on the map to get started.