Mini-Games & PvP Server

More About This Server...

This server features Feed The Beast: Hubris. It requires the FTB launcher and uses the 3rd party pack called "Hubris".
Venture forth into a tainted and dangerous world. The taint slowly spreads over any block and requires attention to to prevent your settlements from turning into mush. Delve into various magics to protect yourself and flourish within this dreadul world.

Getting Started

All players spawn inside a protected village which houses several merchants that will buy your ingots, diamonds, shards, and other various items with gold coins.

Taint will not spread into the spawn village and the spawn village functions as a safe haven for players. However, players may not build in the spawn village.

• Currency is a tangable item on this server. If you die with money on you you WILL lose the currency until you reclaim your grave which has all your items.
• A enderchest also functions as a vault for your money.
  • Town cost: 150 Gold Coins to establish.
  • Additional Plot cost: Base Town Cost * 20% incrementally.
  • Outpost cost: 280 Gold Coins to create.
  • Plot size: 32 x 32 x 256 blocks.
  • Town size: Restricted to (Town Member Total)x4 (ie 2 Members = 8 / 3 Members = 12)
  • Unclaiming a town will NOT revert it back, and WILL unprotect all doors and chests that are within it.
  • Players begin with 20 Gold Coins.
• Be careful who you trust to join your town, they will have access to everything you own (unless you configure towny permissions).
• Be careful who you give money to (ie paying town taxes or donating to help expand a town) as Mayors can kick anybody at any time.

Plugins to be aware of

  • Towny: Used to protect your home from invaders. (Includes Mobs and Players)
  • LWC: Chest and object locker configured to function with various mods.