TeamSpeak Voice Server

More About This Server...

Our TeamSpeak server operates the latest version of the TeamSpeak software, TeamSpeak 3. It is used for communication via voice so that we aren't restricted to text chat only.

All users are welcome, and in fact encouraged, regardless of whether you play on one of our other servers or not. We offer your own channel for only $5, you get full control over its name, password and who can join.

Alternatively you are welcome to use one of the many channels we have already to chat with your friends free of charge!

Basic Server Rules

  • No rude or vulgar nicknames.
  • No Spamming, this includes both text and voice.
  • No harassing other users, this includes following them when they choose to move away from you.
  • Always do as the staff requests, do not answer back. If you have an issue with a staff member please report it here.
  • Ranks are shown on TeamSpeak. Learn more about them below. Many of these are Paid ranks and others can be earned.
  • We have a custom bot operating in the background which will prevent most bad nicknames, so don't expect to get away with it for long.
  • Keep discussion topics suitable to those in the channel. If you want to be a bit more mature, use another channel away from Children or anyone whom is offended. Please respect the wishes of others.
  • While in Public channels, expect other users to join, the above rule applies even if someone joins the channel AFTER you do. If you would like more control, consider purchasing your own channel through the Web Store.


  • Admin: Prime Operator of the Server, has final say over matters but will not likely intervene unless it is serious enough to warrant such attention or is otherwise funny enough.
  • Management: This role is an Administrator. They have been around a long time and help founded the community. Each has their own department they are in charge of.
  • Sr. Moderator: This Staff member is the head of the Moderation staff team. They are kind of a manager.
  • Moderator: These staff are responsible for moderating names and chat/discussions. Their word is law as long as you are affecting other users.
  • Trial Moderator: These are our newest staff members, while they aren't fully settled, they have the same authority as a Moderator. Respect them the same.
  • VIP+: Paid Rank from the Upgraded VIP Membership.
  • VIP: Paid Rank from the Community VIP Membership.
  • Premium: Paid Rank from the Community Premium Membership Subscription.
  • Member: This rank is awarded to users who are on often and do not cause trouble. The main thing this rank offers is the ability to send private messages and use Voice-Activation instead of Push-to-Talk.
  • Guest: (Displayed with No Rank Name!) This rank displays those who have just joined and are yet to earn our trust within the community. Usually doesn't last long as long as you are polite and friendly.